Wednesday Round-Up


Embrace the fall season with spaghetti squash instead of a pumpkin spice latte

Happy hump day! Enjoy this week’s collection of food news!

An interesting new study looked at the effects of a decades-long drought on California’s economy, environment, and agriculture. Surprisingly, it doesn’t show absolute devastation.

We’re paying attention to the soda taxes on San Francisco’s and Berkeley’s November ballots. Are you?

The New York Times published an informative editorial on the effects of celiac disease on brain disorders. Catch up on the recent research (much of it mainstream) here.

Good news! The science journal Nature has found that traditional plant breeding is more responsive to the effects of climate change than GM-bred crops.

Bad news! Ebola is threatening the world’s chocolate supply.

Impossible Foods, a well-funded startup, has invented a vegetable burger that bleeds. Um, we’ll just take a grass-fed beef burger please.

Rene Redzepi says that the solution to the world’s food problems needs to be delicious. We whole-heartedly agree.

Broccoli may help treat autism symptoms, says a new study from Johns Hopkins.

Do you crave pumpkin spice in the fall? John Oliver thinks you’re silly:


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