Wednesday Round-Up

cabbage salad

Happy Wednesday! Here’s a dose of what’s happening in the world of food this week!

California is cracking down on farmers lying about the source of their produce.

Scientists are formulating vegan dairy milk in a lab. Here’s what you need to know about this curious commodity.

Matcha is one of our favorite green teas. Learn about its production and the best way to prepare it at home over on Serious Eats.

Governor Jerry Brown signed a couple of important new bills into law over the last week: We’re now the first state to ban plastic bags and the commercial production of GMO salmon.

We’ve been serving Amish-raised Camel’s Milk at a couple of our events now, so we were excited to see this story detailing the ways in which the Amish are transforming organic agriculture.

Do you understand your egg carton labels? Take a look at this graphic to make sure.

The New York Times Magazine has a fantastic long read on the politics of school lunch.

Grape jam doesn’t have to be full of sugar. Learn how to make it on Food52.

We’re loving the new video series from Conservation International, especially this one featuring Julia Roberts:


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