Wednesday Round-Up

turnip and shiitake close up

Welcome to Wednesday (and October)! Here, your food news for the week:

The Environmental Working Group is known for its easy to use shopping guides. They’ve recently come out with a fish guide tailored to your age and gender. Check it out before you head to the market.

We found a couple of great food history pieces this week. NPR takes a look at airline food through the decades and The Atlantic explores the WWII campaign to get consumers to eat more organ meats. We’d probably steer clear of those airline meals, but all that talk of organ meats has us hungry!

U.S. government agencies are finally starting to get serious about considering diets for a healthy planet.

Monsanto is trying to woo mommy bloggers.

Turns out, Americans waste more food than they do paper, metal, or glass. Our food waste has increased from 10 million tons to 35 million tons per year, according to the EPA. Time to build a bigger compost heap!

We’re all glued to our smart phones, so it was only a matter of time (we suppose) before someone invented a smart skillet.

Learn more about what it takes to raise wild bison on the South Dakota prairie.

Big Soda has made a pledge to reduce soda-based caloric consumption. We have our doubts that they’ll stick to their word. Why? They’re too busy trying to stop cities like Berkeley from passing a soda tax.

Curious about foraging for wild mushrooms? Learn more on Food52.

There’s a new innovation in salmon migration. Witness the salmon cannon:


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