Wednesday Round-Up!

cp with camel milk

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for our weekly round-up! Take a deeper look at the week’s most interesting food news.

Worried about the buyout of Annie’s by General Mills? Here are two more perspectives on the sale.

Grist published a fantastic long-read examining the effects of the drought on organic dairy farming and the rising tide of almond orchards. Don’t miss both parts!

How fake is food styling? The answer: it depends.

Michael Pollan shares his perspective on dairy, drought, and the impact of global warming on our food systems. His proposals for stemming the problem are varied and intriguing. What do you think?

Have you traveled abroad and wondered why other countries don’t refrigerate their eggs? NPR’s food blog takes a closer look at egg washing to reveal that there are many different ways to store an egg!

Give a linguist a menu and you may be surprised what happens.

Is comfort food a myth?

What about cow tipping?

Lastly, we’re now officially entering “pumpkin spice season.” Love it or hate it, you’ll still snicker at this Jimmy Kimmel take-down:


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