Wednesday Round-Up!


This week’s round-up is FAT-tastic!

Fats are all over the news! Science and popular culture is finally getting on the fat bandwagon! A newly released study showed health improvement across a diverse population when eating a low-carb, higher fat diet.  In another piece, National Geographic examines the history of margarine, butter, and the fear of saturated fats in American culture. (Did you know that margarine used to be dyed pink? It should have been an sign that we shouldn’t be eating it!) Perhaps as a result of all of this butter love, prices have now reached an all time high.

There is, according to a few scientists, an optimal time of day to drink your daily cup(s) of coffee. Hint: It’s not first thing in the morning, sadly.

Want to learn more about Mason jars, our favorite food storage vessel? The New York Times took an in-depth look at the company’s history and future plans.

Whole Foods is trying to introduce rabbit meat into their butcher counter. Not surprisingly, protests have ensued. What do you think? Are you a fan of rabbits for food or for pets?

A love letter to oxtail, one of our favorite cuts of meat.

Even for those of us who stay as far away from mass-produced chicken as possible, the Tyson-Hillshire buyout is still important news.

For your weekly video fun, take a look at this collection of hip hop videos that are packed with anti-GMO lyrics, with commentary provided by Grist. (FYI: Lyrics are NSFW!)


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