Wednesday Round-Up!


We’re pretty voracious readers here at Mission: Heirloom, and we have  a feeling that many of you are too! There’s so much great information and well-articulated articles out on the internet, but it is sometimes hard to locate the jewels. We’re really excited to start sharing with you some links that we find interesting. Look out for a round-up every Wednesday from here on out!

Ever wonder why we like eating bitter foods? This nerdy but fun piece in the Wall Street Journal explores the science behind bitter, plus some cooking and serving tips for potent greens like radicchio and arugula.

San Francisco’s Daniel Patterson, the current king of refined California cuisine, is one of the last people we’d think of who’d open a fast food chain. But lo and behold, he’s teamed up with L.A.’s Roy Choi to start a fast food concept called Loco’l, which aims to compete with the likes of McDonald’s while serving healthier, sustainable, and real food-based choices. What do you think of their menu? Does it look healthy to you?

This piece on Civil Eats explores a topic close to our hearts: organic certification. Is it worth it? And what is the best way to find healthy (and cheaper) alternatives to organic produce?

Take a look at the food apps on your phone and it is clear that delivery apps are a hot commodity these days. The New York Times took a look at the lessons the tech industry has (and hasn’t) learned from the last boom in online food delivery. Will it last? Only time will tell.

We’ve been experimenting with cricket flour here in the kitchen, but there’s far more to eat than just this one insect. Scientific American takes a closer look at the ways in which the haute cuisine-based Nordic Food Lab is trying to transform how we perceive bugs and grubs.

Want to learn more about our food chain and why we (Americans) often make the choices that we do? There are three intriguing new books on the topic, and this thorough review made us hungry for more!

Chia seeds and turmeric make for a tempting roast cashew recipe. We love that Sneh from Cook Republic even suggests soaking the nuts first!

Finally, check out this fun little video! Be sure to watch until the end!


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