On the Radio: Mission Heirloom on Chris Kresser’s Revolution Health Radio Podcast

We couldn’t have been more excited to be on Chris Kresser’s amazing podcast this week! Yrmis and Bobby had a great time talking with Chris all about our business and the future of food production!

Chris Kresser’s RHR: A Sneak Peek into the Future of Food Production


3 responses to “On the Radio: Mission Heirloom on Chris Kresser’s Revolution Health Radio Podcast

  1. Hi Yrmis and Bobby,

    I listened to your interview on RHR and I’m very curious as to how you go about preparing your bone broth so as to minimize the free glutamate. I currently make bone broth in a 10-quart pressure cooker set on high pressure (15 psi). I do add apple cider vinegar which I was told helps extract the minerals and collagen from the bones, but from listening to your interview it sounds like the vinegar could be problematic. I usually cook the bones for about three hours, and if I get the bone to water ratio right, I get a broth that gels. Would the nutrition of the broth be more beneficial if I left out the vinegar? I also usually add bay leaf. Thanks so much for any info you can share regarding making the most nutritious bone broth. I think what you guys are doing with Mission Heirloom is fantastic. Thanks for all the work and thought you’ve put into things.


    • Hi Michele,

      Thanks for the question! When we make our bone broths, we cook them in large pots over very low heat for about 8 hours (or overnight), and never let them boil. Vinegar degrades the bones and proteins on the bones so we don’t like to use it. Plus, all you need is some salt to brighten up the flavor!

      To make sure you get all the good minerals out of the bones and into the water, you’ll want to pay attention to the water you’re using. Ideally, you want to use water that has some (but not too many) dissolved minerals in it. Experiment with tap water, filtered water, and mineralized water and see which you like best!


  2. Hi Michel,

    I admire you taking on a project like this which is much needed. Being in the food business in the past, I know how ambitious it is to create a business with so much integrity. Your are going to revolutionize the health conscious food business.

    As a traditional foods personal chef in NYC, I too was interested in how you made broth as well. I can see it is the good old fashioned way as I was raised on slow simmered broth made without using pressure cookers or vinegars. Good to know I am not creating unwanted excess of free glutimates. I am excited for you and will be following you closely.


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