In the news!

We’ve been the subject of a couple of great pieces in the East Bay Express and Eater SF. Read on and get excited about our new cafe!


Where Modern Gastronomy and Paleo Dining Meet

“Remember those dark days when simply having a gluten-free-friendly restaurant was considered a major breakthrough? Yrmis Barroeta and Bobby Chang want to take healthy eating and catering to those with dietary restrictions to the next level. Toward that end, Mission Heirloom, their new Berkeley-based food business, promises not only to be gluten-free, but also grain- and soy-free — with a little bit of molecular gastronomy mixed in for good measure. …” Read more –>


Berkeley Is Getting an All-Paleo Restaurant

“The latest food craze is the paleo diet, in which dieters are encouraged to cut out gluten, starches, sugar, processed foods, and sometimes dairy and vegetable oils, opting instead for food centered around grass-fed meat, wild fish, fruit, vegetables, and nuts. It’s engendered a certain level of controversy, but its adherents claim they’ve been able to drop tons of weight. Needless to say, though, it’s not the easiest dietary choice when it comes to dining out, which is where new North Berkeley restaurant Mission Heirloom Garden Cafe will come into play when it opens this fall. …” Read More –>



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