Impact your health. Impact the world!

We are proud to partner with SOMA and charity: Water for an upcoming health summit fundraiser.

Next week, our own Yrmis Barroeta will be participating in a super cool online event called the Functional Health Summit! This entire event started July 14, and it is a fantastic opportunity to fully immerse yourself in your own personal health education. The summit is jam-packed with 40 speakers, including some of our advisors! Tom O’Bryan, Peter Osborne, Sayer Ji, and Kelly Brogan will all be there, each sharing a bounty of information on everything from natural treatments to autoimmune disease to the power of positive fitness.

Yrmis will be leading a talk all about restaurant food on Tuesday, July 22nd. She’s answering the question: Is restaurant food safe? In her talk, she goes into detail about the steps that we’re taking at Mission: Heirloom to make food safe for each and every individual diet. It’s a great 1 hour immersion into what we’re doing in our kitchen and how you can make positive changes at home. Don’t miss out!

Each day, different speakers will stream their talks online. On the day of each speaker’s live stream, their content will be free. But if you don’t have the time to watch the talks on the day-of, you can purchase them for watching at your leisure. These archived talks are available for $67. It’s quite a steal for so much valuable information! After the summit wraps up on July 25th, the cost for all of the talks will be $97. We want to encourage you to go online and access the materials for free, but if you do choose to purchase the permanent link to the talks, Mission: Heirloom will receive a portion ($50) of the funds. The other portion of the ticket goes to the summit organizers to cover costs. We are planning to donate all of earnings to charity: water in partnership with our friends friends at SOMA WATER. Why?

We started Mission: Heirloom to spark a global health revolution. We use amazing water in our kitchen, but we recognize that there are 800 million people who lack access to clean drinking water. Through innovative water projects in 20+ countries, charity: water is addressing the global water crisis and changing lives. Please register for FHS today using this link and we will keep you posted on exactly how your donation is changing lives!

We encourage you to participate in Yrmis’ talk next week, and to explore the entire summit over the next several days.


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